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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting Wallenstein's technical support and product operation FAQ section. You will find many helpful tips on the operation of your Wallenstein equipment.


The buckets have replaceable pin-on teeth. They do not have a replaceable cutting edge.

Our horsepower ratings are based on gross engine HP.

Wallenstein does not support any modification at all to any of our models. Any modification can compromise the safety and function of the machine. It also voids warranty.

Three-point hitch kits are suitable for heavier tractors that can handle the forces put into the hitch by a backhoe. Lighter-duty tractors may not be built strong enough to handle these forces. We recommend using a subframe whenever possible. It distributes the forces through itself and the tractor.

The design of our backhoes and mounting kits allows the stresses caused by digging to be shared between the backhoe, the mounting kit, and the tractor or skidsteer. Using a different sized backhoe will prevent these forces from being distributed evenly. Concentrating stresses in one area will result in failure of the backhoe, mounting kit, or the tractor or skidsteer.

The BT5300 is only available as a factory-installed option. It is not feasible to install after the backhoe is assembled.

This depends upon the style of subframe. The hitch cannot be used with the bellymount style as long as the subframe is installed. The hitch can be used with the 4-Point subframe once the backhoe is unhooked.

This depends upon the Subframe. Not all Subframes are compatible with mowers. Please see the Subframe List on our website, it will tell you if the Subframe for your tractor is compatible with a mower deck.

Our backhoe buckets are designed and built by us to fit our backhoes only. They will not fit any other manufacturer's backhoes.

We do build some thumbs for other manufacturer’s backhoes. However, all of our thumbs are very specific to each model of backhoe listed. They will not fit other backhoes.

We do offer the BT5250 universal weld-on thumb. It is designed for compact tractor or skidsteer mount backhoes only. It cannot be used on industrial backhoes or excavators.

It is very important to discuss your requirements with your dealer before purchasing a backhoe in order to obtain the most satisfaction from your equipment.

  1. Determine the horsepower rating of the tractor or skidsteer the backhoe will be mounted to match up with suitable models.
  2. Consider the hydraulic system type and hydraulic flow (gpm) of the power unit. This will determine if additional hydraulic options are required to make the backhoe operate properly.
  3. Identify which mounting kit is required.
  4. Pick one of the available colours you like.
  5. Determine which size bucket you require.
  6. Finally, order everything required.

Please note that backhoes, mounting kits and buckets must be ordered as separate items.

The Quick-change Bucket Adapter makes change up easy when you have two or more different-width buckets. It mounts in place of the bucket with two hooks to secure the bucket pins.

The lower hook clamps the bucket pin in place using a bolt. Simply use the backhoe controls to pick up the bucket then tighten the clamp. This eliminates the need to drive the pins out with a hammer and punch when changing buckets.

Keep a set of pins installed in each bucket that will be used to permit the quick-change.

Yes, a loader is required for two reasons:

The first is that the loader on the front of the tractor helps balance the weight of the backhoe mounted on the rear.

The second is that the loader bucket acts as a 3rd stabilizer taking the weight off the front tractor tires when digging,


Wallenstein backhoes require constant hydraulic flow from the tractor or skidsteer. The specific requirements vary with the backhoe model. Please see the Catalogue or the online SpecBook for exact requirements.

Our backhoes come standard with hoses and ball style couplers, with the exception of the QC620 which comes with Flat Face style couplers. Backhoes are set up for use on tractors with open-center hydraulic systems.

We offer a number of options, such as PTO Pump Kits, Flow Divider Kits and Closed Center Kits, to ensure that you can operate a Wallenstein backhoe on your tractor or skidsteer. The GE and GX series backhoes use a 2-lever joystick control valve with the ISO (Backhoe or John Deere) control pattern. Conversion to the SAE (Excavator or Cat) pattern is not possible.

Hydraulic accessories, such as the Telescopic Dipperstick on the GX920XT, and the optional BT5300 Hydraulic Thumb are controlled by the left-hand foot using a foot pedal. A swing speed controller is located by the operator’s left shin.

The QC620 does not have a separate control valve. It is operated by the skidsteer controls.

These are Legacy Subframes. If a loader is not specified in the subframe list, it can be assumed to be an OEM loader, but we cannot state which loader with certainty. Modification of the loader mount plates may be required. On a bellymount subframe, these are the 2 plates that bolt in between the loader frame and the tractor casting they bolt into.

If your tractor or skidsteer is a new model not listed, please have your dealer contact Wallentsein with the details. A Subframe or Tieback Kit can be designed for it. Unfortunately we cannot do this for older tractors or skidsteers. Subframes and tieback kits are specifically designed for each tractor and skidsteer.

Please do not attempt to substitute a subframe or tieback kit which might fit. Damage to equipment may occur.

The Bellymount style is a ladder frame that mounts at the front and the rear of the tractor. The 4-Point style has two halves. One half bolts to the tractor and stays with the tractor. The other half bolts to the backhoe and stays with the backhoe. The halves connect together with hooks and pins, making it a quick-attach setup.

The ripper tooth is a long single claw with a replaceable tooth at the tip. It is installed in place of the bucket. It is used to break up ground that is too solid for the backhoe to dig, such as heavy frost, clay, or rocky soil.

We offer 3 basic mounting options:

  1. Tractor 3-point hitch.
  2. Tractor Subframe.
  3. Skidsteer quick-attach plate with tieback kit.

Please see the online SpecBook for details on the different types of mounting kits.

We offer a number of options, such as PTO Pump Kits, Flow Divider Kits and Closed Center Kits to ensure that you can operate a Wallenstein backhoe on your tractor or skidsteer.

Because a backhoe replaces the bucket on a skidsteer, the digging forces run through the bucket cylinders and loader of the skidsteer, which will result in damage or premature failure in the skidsteer. The tieback kit takes these forces and transfers them to the skidsteer frame instead. Please note that the tieback kit is specific to the skidsteer model, and must be ordered as a separate item along with the Quick-Attach Plate. The exception to this is that they are combined for the mini-skidsteers.

If you don't find what you're looking for, please CONTACT US for more information.