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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting Wallenstein's technical support and product operation FAQ section. You will find many helpful tips on the operation of your Wallenstein equipment.


The rotator and head are designed to handle the power of the Wallenstein grapples we install them on. The increased hydraulic pressure and flow rate of an excavator can damage our components.

Grapples are designed to be strong enough for the lift capacity as well as the power and size of the tractor or skidsteer. A small grapple will not be able to handle the forces put on it by a large tractor or skidsteer. A large grapple will take up too much of the lift capacity as well as create stability issues with a smaller tractor or skidsteer.

No the rototaor cannot be locked. It has a free-wheel function which acts as a shock dampener when rotation is stopped. This also allows it to rotate when skidding logs around corners.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The winch and extension boom are only available from factory. 

These grapples will not work with a quick-hitch.

The top of the grapple head has a cam plate which rotates with it. A spring is hooked to the plate. As the head rotates, the spring stretches and can then pull the head back to center. Center position of the head is front-to rear, but a pin which engages holes in the cam plate allows it to be locked in center position, or at 90° to either side for lifting and placing a log. Care must be taken not to rotate the head with the lock engaged, as this will damage the rotator shaft and cam plate. The LXG 320S, 330S, 420S and 430S incorporate a shear bolt to limit damage. The LXG210S does not.

The extension cylinder is not intended for pushing or pulling logs. It is only intended to extend the reach of the grapple, when required. When using the pushbar, ensure that the extension cylinder is retracted.

The pushbar is designed to help guide the direction of tree fall when felling.

All grapple models require hydraulic power from the tractor or skidsteer. Grapples come with required hoses and appropriate couplers.

The LXG 210S, 330S, 420S, and 430S require one set of remote hoses (one pressure and one return).

The LXG 320R and 320R require two sets of remote hoses (each with one pressure and one return). One set operates the grapple open / close, the other set operates the rotator.

The LXG 330RP, 420R, 430R and 430RP require one set of remote hoses (one pressure and one return) as well as 12V at 1.5A electrical power from the tractor or skidsteer. These models include a wire harness, switch box and cigarette lighter plug, as well as solenoid-operated valve(s). Default operation is open / close on the grapple head. Operating the appropriate switch(s) shifts the solenoid(s) to operate the rotator, the winch or the boom extension as required.

If you don't find what you're looking for, please CONTACT US for more information.