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Hydraulic Feed - Tractor (Electronic Controls)
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$11,130.00 CAD

With a PTO powered rotor and hydraulic feed hopper, branches, limbs and brush up to 5" in diameter are control fed for continuous chipping at maximum capacity.

Chipping Capacity: 5" (13 cm)
On-Board Intelligence: P3 Pulse™
Chipper Type: Disc
Feed System: Dual Hydraulic Roller Feed
Engine HP Range: 30 - 55
Required Hydraulic Flow: 3 - 6 gpm (12 - 23 lpm)
Chipper Hopper Opening: 35" x 30" (89 cm x 76 cm)
Chipper Rotor Opening: 5" x 10" (13 cm x 26 cm)
Number of Chipper Knives: 4
Rotor Diameter: 25" (63 cm)
Rotor Weight : 125 lbs (57 kg)
Discharge Chute Height: 74" (188 cm)
Discharge Chute Rotation: 360°
Drive System: PTO Direct Drive
Rated RPM: 540 - 1000
PTO Height: 22" - 27" (55 cm - 69 cm)
Total Weight: 845 lbs (384 kg)
Dimensions Open (LxWxH): 80" x 67" x 74" (204 cm x 171 cm x 188 cm)
Dimensions Folded (LxWxH): 62" x 61" x 74" (158 cm x 155 cm x 188 cm)
Mounting System: Cat I, iMatch™ & Quick Hitch Compatible

Control the output of the chipper with the easily adjustable chute allowing the user to direct the flow of chips where they want.

Adjust the chipper height to match the PTO height on your tractor.

Keeps wood chips from getting into the bearing and causing damage.

Easily attach to your tractor without leaving your seat.

With Wallenstein you have a choice. Products are available in seven solid colors as well as Realtree EDGE™ and Realtree EDGE™ Shadows camouflage. Additional charges apply for Realtree camouflage.

Hydraulically powered top and bottom feed rollers grip and pull brush directly into the chipper.

For easy transport. No tools required.

Extra large chipper intake backed up by extra large rotor spinning with high momentum.

Extra large chipper intake easily receives crooked branches, reducing the amount of prior trimming required.

The P3 Pulse controller is designed to enhance the machines power, performance, and productivity.

The discharge chute is equipped with a positional discharge deflector on the end of the chute to direct the chips exactly where desired.

Standard reversible rotor knives double the longevity of your knives.

Forward/reverse control with two stop positions.

Move on from a power spike by simply replacing a single shear bolt.

The discharge paddle passes around the twig breaker and helps to break the material into smaller pieces and turn it into mulch.

Replacement ledger knife

Easily set the correct clearance when you change or adjust the ledger knife or rotor knives.

Take control of your chipping operation with a P3 Pulse display. Customize the settings for your application and monitor performance in real time with onboard diagnostics. Experience all that the P3 Pulse system has to offer.

Replacement reversible rotor knife

Eliminates the need for hydraulics from your tractor.

Eliminates the need for hydraulics from your tractor.

Product specifications are subject to change and may not be as shown.

Operator Manuals

BX Series Wood Chipper Operator's Manual (after January-2013 BX32, BX42R, BX42S, BX62R, BX62S & BX92) download file View PDF
BX Series Wood Chipper Operator's Manual (before January- 2013 BX32, BX42R, BX42S, BX62R, BX62S & BX92R, BX92S) download file View PDF
BXR Series Wood Chipper Operator's Manual (BX52RI S/N before 152R559; BX72RI S/N before 172R240; BX102RI, RPI S/N before 1102R215) download file View PDF
BXR Series Wood Chipper Operator's Manual (IntelliFEED BX52RI S/N 152R559 to 152R818; BX72RI S/N 172R240 to 172R488; BX102RI S/N 110R215 to 1102R399) download file View PDF
BXR Series Wood Chipper Operator's Manual (P3 PULSE V1 BX52RI S/N 152R819 to 152R998; BX72RI S/N 172R489 to 172R577; BX102RI S/N 1102R400 to1102R406) download file View PDF
BXR Series Operator's Manual (P3 PULSE V2 BX52RI S/N 152R999 to 152R1436; BX72RI S/N 172R578 to 172R723; BX102RI S/N 1102R407 to 1102R509) download file View PDF
BXR Series Operator's Manual (P3 PULSE V3 BX52RI S/N 152R1437 and up; BX72RI S/N 172R724 and up; BX102RI S/N 1102R510 and up) download file View PDF

C3540 PTO-Driven Power Pack download file View PDF

C550 kit installation instructions download file View PDF

Parts Manuals

Parts book containing, exploded view diagrams, part numbers, label locations and accessories for BX52R & BX52RI.

S/N 152R2 – 152R558 download file View PDF
S/N 152R559 to 152R1436 download file View PDF
S/N 152R1437 and Up download file View PDF

Uncrating & Setup

BXR Series Wood Chipper Setup Instructions download file View PDF

PTO shaft sizing and installation download file View PDF


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