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Hydraulic Feed - Towable/Self-Contained (Electronic Controls)
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$29,950.00 CAD

Plus Shipping Charges

2 Year Commercial Warranty applies.

Chipping Capacity: 7" (17 cm)
On-Board Intelligence: P3 Pulse™
Chipper Type: Disc
Feed System: Hydraulic Roller Feed
Max. Feed Rate: 129 fpm (39 mpm)
Engine: Vanguard® 40 hp (993 cc) EFI
Chipper Hopper Opening: 25" x 34" (64 cm x 86 cm)
Chipper Rotor Opening: 7" x 11" (18 cm x 28 cm)
Number of Chipper Knives: 4
Rotor Diameter: 30" (76 cm)
Rotor Weight : 197 lbs (89 kg)
Discharge Chute Height: 100" (255 cm)
Discharge Chute Rotation: 360°
Drive System: Centrifugal Clutch, Belt Drive
Engine Speed: 3600
Rotor Speed: 1400
Tires: ST205/75R14
Hitch: 2" Ladder Style Ball Coupler
Electric Brakes: Yes
Tongue Weight: 221 lbs
Total Weight: 2225 lbs (1009 kg)
Dimensions Open (LxWxH): 149" x 64" x 100" (378 cm x 163 cm x 255 cm)
Dimensions Folded (LxWxH): 128" x 64" x 100" (326 cm x 163 cm x 255 cm)
Hydraulic Capacity: 7 US gal (30 l)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 9 US gal (34 l)

Control the output of the chipper with the easily adjustable chute allowing the user to direct the flow of chips where they want.

Keep your small tools and replacement parts handy.

With Wallenstein you have a choice. Products are available in seven solid colors as well as Realtree EDGE™ and Realtree EDGE™ Shadows camouflage. Additional charges apply for Realtree camouflage.

Hydraulically powered top and bottom feed rollers grip and pull brush directly into the chipper.

Go easy on your vehicle with electric brakes.

Reliable and convenient starting at the turn of a key.

For easy transport. No tools required.

Transport your unit with hitch, safety chains, highway tires, and full trailer lighting.

Extra large chipper intake backed up by extra large rotor spinning with high momentum.

Extra large chipper intake easily receives crooked branches, reducing the amount of prior trimming required.

The P3 Pulse controller is designed to enhance the machines power, performance, and productivity.

The discharge chute is equipped with a positional discharge deflector on the end of the chute to direct the chips exactly where desired.

Standard reversible rotor knives double the longevity of your knives.

Forward/reverse control with two stop positions.

Axles are designed to absorb road impact, providing a smoother towing experience.

The discharge paddle passes around the twig breaker and helps to break the material into smaller pieces and turn it into mulch.

Replacement ledger knife

Easily set the correct clearance when you change or adjust the ledger knife or rotor knives.

Take control of your chipping operation with a P3 Pulse display. Customize the settings for your application and monitor performance in real time with onboard diagnostics. Experience all that the P3 Pulse system has to offer.

Replacement reversible rotor knife

A mechanical device that traps exhaust particles that are expelled from an internal combustion engine. Spark arrestors are required by law in some regions. It is the responsibility of the operator to comply with the local laws and regulations.

Product specifications are subject to change and may not be as shown.

Operator Manuals

BXTR6438 / BXTR6438B Wood Chipper Operator's Manual (P3 PULSE V1 S/N 2E9US1117LS091375 to 2E9US1119MS091393) download file View PDF
BXTR6438 / BXTR6438B Wood Chipper Operator's Manual (P3 PULSE V2 S/N 2E9US1119MS091394 to 2E9US111XNS091453) download file View PDF
BXTR6438 / BXTR6438B Wood Chipper Operator's Manual (P3 PULSE V3 S/N 2E9US111XNS091454 to 2E9US1111NS091468) download file View PDF
BXTR6438 / BXTR6438B Wood Chipper Operator's Manual (P3 PULSE V3 S/N 2E9US1111NS091469 to 2E9US1116PS091518, 1100000 and up) download file View PDF

Parts Manuals

S/N 2E9US1117LS091375 to 2E9US1117LS091390 download file View PDF
S/N 2E9US1117LS091391 to 2E9US1115NS091453 download file View PDF
S/N 2E9US1115NS091454 to 2E9US1111NS091468 download file View PDF
2E9US111XNS091469 & Up download file View PDF

Uncrating & Setup

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