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Steel Cable - Tractor
Pulling Capacity: 14000 lbs (6350 kg)
Engine HP Range: 80 - 120
Winch Type: Mechanical, Dry Disc Clutch
Line Speed: 98 - 246 ft-min (30 - 75 m/min)
Cable Type: Steel
Cable Length: 165' (50 m)
Cable Diameter: 1/2" (13 mm)
Choker Chains: 2
PTO Input Speed: 540 rpm
PTO Height: 22" (56 cm)
Total Weight: 898 lbs (407 kg)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 28" x 59" x 80" (71 cm x 150 cm x 203 cm)
Mounting System: Cat II

Pull an additional two logs with the included steel choker chains (Z92318).

Coupled with the included choker chains, pull an additional two logs.

With Wallenstein you have a choice. Products are available in seven solid colors as well as Realtree EDGE™ and Realtree EDGE™ Shadows camouflage. Additional charges apply for Realtree camouflage.

Easily service your winch with the removable clutch.

Move on from a power spike by simply replacing a single shear bolt.

Adjust the pull angle for maximum stability in all pulling situations.

Complete with keyhole slots to hook up choker chains for skidding logs out of the bush.

Allows you to hook onto a trailer without detaching the winch.

60" synthetic choker with rod chain end.

84" synthetic choker with rod end.

90" choker chain with sliding hook.

Opens to approx. 26".

A handy holder to store your chainsaw when not in use.

Allows you to safely winch logs around corners, reducing damage to your logs. As the log approaches the pulley, it triggers a lever that automatically releases the cable from the pulley.

200' 1/2" synthetic mainline with hook chain end.

Product specifications are subject to change and may not be as shown.

Operator Manuals

Details of installation and operating instructions of the F200 / F205 remote kit for the FX110, FX120, FX140, FX65, FX85 & FX90 Skidding Winches. Dealer installation kit, not recommended for home installation, must be installed by qualified technicians familiar with hydraulics.

F200 / F205 SKIDDING WINCH REMOTE CONTROL KIT Installation / Operating Instructions download file View PDF

FX Series Skidding Winch Operator's Manual download file View PDF

Parts Manuals

Parts manual

S/N 51401–514093 download file View PDF
S/N 514094 & Up download file View PDF

Uncrating & Setup

FX Series Skidding Winch Setup Instructions download file View PDF

PTO shaft sizing and installation download file View PDF


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