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Ground Drive - Towable/Self-Contained
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$7,600.00 USD

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GROUND DRIVE MX Manure Spreaders offer simplicity and reliability for applications where a PTO doesn’t exist. Offering a full size range, MX ground drive units can be used with vehicles such as: ATV’s, UTV’s or even lawn tractors. Traction implement tires are standard on GROUND DRIVE units to ensure the torque is there for a fine, consistent spread.

Capacity (Heaped): 50 Bushel (62.5 cu. ft.)
Engine HP Range: 15 - 30
Loading Height: 36" (74 cm)
Apron Drive System: Chain & Sprocket
Box: Corrosion Resistant Carbon Steel - Powder Coated
Floor: Rustproof Tongue and Groove Poly
Paddles: 10
Drive System: Ground
Tires: 7.6 x 15
Tongue Weight: 50 lbs (23 kg)
Total Weight: 795 lbs (361 kg)
Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 89" x 32" x 17" (226 cm x 81 cm x 43 cm)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 156" x 57" x 36" (396 cm x 145 cm x 91 cm)

With Wallenstein you have a choice. Products are available in seven solid colors as well as Realtree EDGE™ and Realtree EDGE™ Shadows camouflage. Additional charges apply for Realtree camouflage.

Check and adjust chain tension with ease.

Standard for smooth operation and longer life.

Store hose ends safely and cleanly when not in use.

The trailer tongue, axle assembly and beaters rely on the rigidity of the frame which prevents the box from premature wearing and cracking.

Slow, medium or fast settings allow you to choose the application rate to match your acreage.

Easy to clean poly floor boards will not rust or rot.

Keep your material in the spreader until you are ready to spread.

Prevent the fine material from falling off the end allowing it to be evenly distributed by the beater paddles.

Product specifications are subject to change and may not be as shown.

Operator Manuals

MX Series Manure Spreader Operator's Manual (MX25G, MX50G, MX50P, MX80G, MX80P) download file View PDF

Parts Manuals

Parts book containing, exploded view diagrams, part numbers, label locations and accessories, for MX50G

Up to S/N 750G120 download file View PDF
S/N 750G121 & up download file View PDF

Uncrating & Setup

Instruction and procedures required to assemble and set up your new Wallenstein equipment.

Fines Pan download file View PDF

Instruction and procedures required to assemble and set up your M7570 & M7580 End Gate Accessory Kit. M7570 fits • MX50P (all serial numbers) • MX50G SN# B07920001 and up _____ M7580 fits • MX80G SN# A0596023 and up • MX80P SN# A0597011 and up

M7570 & M7580 End Gate Kit Installation download file View PDF

MX Series Manure Spreader Setup Instructions download file View PDF


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