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There are currently no documents available.
There are currently no documents available.

CT24 Firewood Conveyor Setup Instructions download file View PDF

Installation instructions for T200 Ball Hitch.

T200 Ball Hitch Installation Instructions download file View PDF

We do not have a showroom, nor do we carry inventory at the factory. We build strictly to order. All units are crated and shipped out once complete. Therefore, we would not have one here for you to see. We recommend that you visit your nearest dealer. Please see our online dealer locator.

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Sales and service are done exclusively through our dealers and distributors. Please locate your nearest dealer by using the DEALER LOCATOR on our website.

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The engines are covered by the engine manufacturer. The owner is responsible for registering the engine with the appropriate engine manufacturer or distributor, as outlined in the Engine Owner’s Manual which accompanied your Wallenstein product. All warranty work must be done by one of the engine manufacturer’s approved servicing dealers.

Most Wallenstein models are delivered partially assembled in a crate. Some assembly is required. Always check fluids on models which contain fluids before use.

Modern engines are designed to run most efficiently at full governed RPM. Therefore, our engine-powered equipment is designed to run most efficiently at the same RPM. Running engine-powered equipment at less than full throttle is counterproductive. Engines usually require a moment to warm up enough to accept full throttle and load.

The manufacturers of the engines we use all recommend a high quality, detergent mineral oil. Specifics such as viscosity, vary with oil manufacturer and climate. Please see your engine owner’s manual for specificifications and the use of synthetic oils.

The manufacturers of the gasoline engines we use all recommend regular unleaded gasoline, with a minimum octane rating of 87. A maximum of 10% ethanol (E10) is also allowed.

The quality of the fuel is what is important. Always keep the fuel tank clean. Always refill the fuel tank from a clean container using fresh fuel from a reputable, high volume retailer. Please see your engine owner’s manual for specifications.

Please see our warranty statement on our website, www.wallensteinequipment.com, for the terms and conditions.

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The engine versions we use do not have a reduction gearbox. However, most of the engine models we use are available with one. Honda mentions them in the owner’s manuals because the manuals cover all versions of each engine.

The two oil fill holes are in the GX series single-cylinder engines. These engines can be mounted many different ways. Honda has provided two filler holes and two drain plugs to ensure that one of each is accessible.

For the filler holes, the grey cap has the dipstick. The black cap is a plug. The GC engines only have one plug.

Every Wallenstein model is designed to meet all applicable safety standards. Because of our careful design process, we cannot custom build equipment.

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Thank you for purchasing a piece of Wallenstein Equipment! Our industry leading warranty policy demonstrates that Wallenstein is the best choice for quality and reliability. Should a warranty situation arise, the repair will be performed by the Wallenstein dealer from which you purchased your unit.

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