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The Wallenstein Spec Book is intended as a reference for people selling or purchasing Wallenstein equipment. It is intended to further explain features and specifications which are outside the scope of the product catalogue. The Spec Book incorporates answers to the frequently asked questions.

Spec Book 2016 download file View PDF
Spec Book 2017 download file View PDF

Technical reference manual for Sales, Parts and Service

TechBook - Sales, Parts and Service Reference 2016 download file View PDF

Operator manual for FXP20 & FXP30. Detailing: safety, operation and maintenance.


Parts Sheet for FXP20 Skidding Plte

Parts for FXP30 Skidding Plate

There are currently no documents available.

We do not have a showroom, nor do we carry inventory at the factory. We build strictly to order. All units are crated and shipped out once complete. Therefore, we would not have one here for you to see. We recommend that you visit your nearest dealer. Please see our online dealer locator.

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Sales and service are done exclusively through our dealers and distributors. Please locate your nearest dealer by using the DEALER LOCATOR on our website.

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The skidding plate is 3-point hitch attachment designed to skid logs from places the tractor cannot get to. The tractor’s 3-point hitch is used to lift the front end of the log off the ground. The frame provides a backstop to prevent logs from hitting the tractor, and can be used for pushing logs when piling. A receiver type trailer hitch is provided to tow light trailers.

Most Wallenstein models are delivered partially assembled in a crate. Some assembly is required. Always check fluids on models which contain fluids before use.

The drawbar is rated for 7,500 pounds.

Please see our warranty statement on our website, www.wallensteinequipment.com, for the terms and conditions.

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Every Wallenstein model is designed to meet all applicable safety standards. Because of our careful design process, we cannot custom build equipment.

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Thank you for purchasing a piece of Wallenstein Equipment! Our industry leading warranty policy demonstrates that Wallenstein is the best choice for quality and reliability. Should a warranty situation arise, the repair will be performed by the Wallenstein dealer from which you purchased your unit.

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